creative design



...from 1970


Professionalism, craftsmanship,
creativity, quality
and design are
elements that characterize the
  company Maselli interni
with more than
40 years of history and experience
in the furniture industry.
A set of elements blends to achieve a flawless work.
From the fabric, the starting point,
the definition
design to deepen,
  one arrives at a
craftsmanship of furniture

From our experience and creativity
are born
continuously innovative ideas.
"Maselli Interini ...
live style and emotions of furniture"


Our objective is the satisfaction of your desires with the utmost care and the utmost professionalism, elements that distinguish us.


Your home and your environment have a soul and a body.

We will help you to achieve your comfort and your desires paying
attention to detail.

Maselli Interni ...
the experience of his work will make a difference ...




Maselli Interni Wallpaper - Fabrics - Interior - via Dante Alighieri, 234 - 70122 - Bari (BA) 
Tel. 0805219913/ 3389753354 - P.I. 07359750721
Maselli Interni Tappezzeria - Tessuti - Arredamenti interni - via Dante Alighieri, 234 - 70122 - Bari (BA) 
Tel. 0805219913/ 3389753354 - P.I. 07352970721
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