Maselli Interni,
is not only a craft workshop
of furnitu
re, but it is specialized
also in the sale of fabrics.
The customer,
has a possibility of choice
very large to furnish their home,
with a range of fabrics
of excellent quality and the colors and
finishes valuable and rare.

Maselli Interni
incorporates within it a showroom
furniture and fabrics, sold directly
to the end customer and chosen by yourself
for rivestituture and achievements
sofas, beds, armchairs, upholstered walls,
curtains and the design that you want.



Maselli Interni Tappezzeria - Tessuti - Arredamenti interni - via Dante Alighieri, 234 - 70122 - Bari (BA) 
Tel. 0805219913/ 3389753354 - P.I. 07352970721
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